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A live internet talk show with geeks in town on building, learning and sharing!

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in 1 days 14 hr 59 min 53 s


show format

On the actual day, at 11am sharp our live audio stream goes silent and we start the show! It is a fast-paced lively conversation with our guest and audience.

(function() {
  import 'episode';

  var topics = ['building', 'learning', 'sharing'];
  var guest = ['maker', 'engineer' , 'designer'];
  var audience = 'live audience in Gitter chat webuildsg/live';
  var hosts = ['time keeper', 'sound controller'];

  // first 5 minutes
  welcome(guest, topics);
  guestDeclaration('current projects', guest);
  malformedQuery('lame riddle', guest, hosts[1]);

  // next 30 minutes
  discussion(topics, guest);

  // next 10 minutes
  ioPolling('live questions', guest, audience);
  rapidFire('fast answers', guest, hosts[1]);

  // final 5 minutes
  ], hosts, guest);
  eventLoop('upcoming events', hosts[0]);
  electricPlug('personal project links', guest);

  return 0;

show script

We have a fun guideline script to follow for each episode too! And it goes something like this:

[11:00 am] (5 min - START)

import episode numbber

It’s date, streaming directly from Singapore - It’s We Build LIVE!

This episode we’ll be talking about topic 1 and topic 2!

Welcome to episode number of We Build LIVE, I’m your host Sayanee, and on the soundboard is Chinmay.

Our special guest is today is full name of guest.

Hi firstname of guest! Welcome!

intro of guest by the host

Let guest intro himself / herself

Malformed queries - a fun riddle for the guest to solve

[11:05 am] (15 min)

Announce how live audience can ask questions via twitter or irc

Topic 1 (technology): 3 questions

[11:20 am] (10 min)

Announce how live audience can ask questions via twitter or irc

Topic 2 (community): 2 questions

[11:30 am] (10 min)

I/O Polling - live audience questions for the guest

[11:40 am] (5 min)

Rapid fire - fast short answer questions

[11:45 am] (2 min)

Doubly Linked-list - new software/hardware released

Eventloop - upcoming developer, designer, maker events

[11:47 am] (0 min - STOP)

Electric Plugs - guest contacts

Thanks firstname of guest!

That’s it for this episode [number] of We Build LIVE. We will get together again online on a Saturday morning again with another cool guest.

Until then,

return 0;

live podcast hosted by chinmay & sayanee